Ron has the gift of healing touch within a safe, comfortable and trusting environment. Ron brings a sense of wholeness to therapeutic massage. I used to live with a constant pain in my lower back and after a series of sessions, the pain has subsided and I have resumed normal activities. Ron is more than a massage therapist -- he teaches the client about the skeleton and muscles and how to correct posture to aid the process of healing. Through his touch and through his personality people are cared for. I highly recommend Ron to friends and family.
Reverend Steve Poos-Benson

I had severe headaches that did not respond to pain relievers. Since I started massage therapy with Ron, I have no more headaches and do not need medication.
Marti Enger, Stylist

I was in excrutiating pain with bone spurs and inflammation in my feet. Orthotics were no help, and surgery was emminant. After two sessions I was getting relief -- after several sessions, my spurs completely disappeared and my Podiatrist released me. I have been without pain for over a year.
Wanda Carlson, Unit Manager

Ron's deep relaxing massage technique helped me with aches during pregnancy. It was also easier to relate to the deep breathing and relaxation during my natural childbirth exercises.
Robin Thomas, housewife

I started seeing Ron for neck and back stress due to long hours at the computer. I stopped seeing him after a few sessions because I thought it was a luxury -- but then I realized that therapeutic massage is an important process for health maintenance and self-development. I now see Ron weekly and will continue to take good care of myself.
Fran Gorski, Information Systems Manager

Ron is a caring, gentle practitioner. He provides a nurturing, holistic approach. His professional care and clinical surroundings allow me to be secure and comfortable during each session.
Pat Light, RN, CPE

I have been seeing Ron regularly for 1 1/2 years. He has helped an arthritic condition which doctors and chiropractors were unable to effectively treat. I highly recommend him.
Ron Michaud, Engineer

Ron has helped my back spasms and my injured leg, not to mention blood pressure control and stress relief. It has been a life-saver. He has given professional and knowledgable information and care. I'm a believer in therapeutic massage and recommend it whole-heartedly.
Donna Chaney, RN